Wednesday, November 21, 2007


After I ate lunch at the Restaurant downstairs, I called the Waitress from club MANGU just to see what she was saying. We talked for a few minutes, I asked her about her friend that she was telling me about. She told me that she spoke to her friend and her friend would like to meet me. She told me to meet her at Club MANGU around 8pm and her friend would be there. Cool..I told her that I'll be there. GOOD, got my night activity out the way but what about my DAY! Shit it was 12pm and I had some time to kill before I went back to Club MANGU. I called my boy to tell him about my previous night, I told him to stop bullshitting and get his ass to the DR. Anyhow I told him I would hit him up later. I got on the net and looked up some info of places to check out in Santo Domingo. WSG (www.worldsexguide.info) said there were alot of places to check out, but EL CONDE street caught my eye. I took a shower then threw on my
"I Love Rio" Tshirt

and my Holy Grail Shorts

with my Gravis Sneakers

It was sunny as hell out so I added my

Mike Khors Shades and Killed them!

I should get paid for plugging some of these clothes...I only put these up to separate my blog for the other's out there. I want to my readers to get a REAL FEEL of what was going on, now the readers could see what I actually had on, or I could just upload a picture of myself right! I wouldn't want to spoil it for you, I could be one of your girlfriends husbands for Christ sake; If no yours. HA!

But back to my afternoon and my destination of EL CONDE ST, Santo Domingo. I called a cab and went to El conde st. I got there around 1:30 pm. When I got there is was packed with chicas of all shapes and sizes. I stopped at a nice restaurant and ordered an afternoon Presidente. I got a nice table outside so I could see the chicas walk by, and they was out there in the thousands it seemed like. I noticed something about Dominican Women, they have the biggest big TOE's that I've seen on a woman. African women come in second, but Dominicans have African ancestry so that is probably why.

But anyhow I while I was chilling and watching the chicas walk by, I said "Hola" to a nice brownskin chica on her way to the mall. She looked like she was about 18, BARELY!, I mean she probably turned 18 the second I asked her age. Her name was NELSY, She was another cute slim brown skin thing just getting out of school. But on a Saturday? I asked her how she was doing and all that stuff. I know just enough Spanish to get me through introductions. Now what! I asked her if she wanted to join me for some lunch at the restaurant I was at. She looked at her watch and made this face like "SHOULD I DO IT?" I gave her that killer smile that said "You know you want to!" She said "Oh kay Papi" and her fate was sealed. I felt like a lion that just got his prey, now that my prey is secured I have to get it ready to be eaten, so I asked the waitress to place us at a table at the back of the restaurant where it was less action and no traffic and best of all, no distractions. I told her to relax and order what ever she wanted. She ordered some fruit and mangu which was off the hook. I told her to order the same, roasted fruit and two Presidentes. Nelsy was a cool girl..I got to know her a little bit, she was actually studying to be an artist or something like that. We ate and flirted and the moment of truth came when I asked her if she wanted to come back to the hotel with me so I could show her some pictures from my travels. I had to take out my camera and sneak a picture of her just thinking away, she was probably thinking "Should I go with this dude and most likely get my back rolled out? or should I go home and spend the rest of the afternoon listening to bachata and arguing with my mother in fast spanish? hmm........"

Girl you know you want to get your back rolled out! And after about five minutes of thinking on a full stomach. She decided to come back to the hotel with me...but there was a catch. Ot Oh! She said she had to go home first. She said she lived not too far from my hotel so she will meet me at my hotel at 4pm. I looked at my watch and tought to myself "That's cutting it a little close." How would I know if she was going to sham or not. I said ok! I gave her all the info she needed. The number to the hotel and my room number. It was only about 2:30 and I had some afternoon fun set up. After she left the restaurant, I walked along the streets for about another 20 mins and caught a cab back to my hotel. I looked at the time it was already 3:25 and I had to get ready for Nelsy. I hopped in the the shower right quick, thew on the baggy Nike Lounge shorts, with no underwear of course. Spritzed myself with a little Prada cologne. Man it was about to be on and popping. By the time I got out the shower and finished getting ready for Nelsy it was like 3:58. And at EXACTLY 4:00 my hotel phone rings..............................................
It was you know who....she said she was downstairs...I went downstairs to go get her and she was looking very cute and sexy...she had changed her clothes like I did. I opened my door to my room and told her to wait in the door way, she had this blank look on her face like "what" I ran to get my camera....and here she is.

I admit, so was looking RIGHT. Nice little young brown skin body, some long hair and sexy lips. I think this might be a good afternoon. I tell her to come on in and make her self comfortable, "mi casa es su casa!" She had a glow about her, I liked her, she was smart too. See young women in the UK act different, especially when your a black man. They act like I'm the one that should be thankful that I'm with "Her" when actually its the other way around bitch! To make a long story short about Nelsy. We ended upImage Hosted by UrbanimageHost until it was about 6...then it was almost time to go back to Mangu and see what was good for the night! HOLLA AT YOU IN A FEW!

Nelsey was an 7 out of 10!


Anonymous said...

damn homes. thats wassup pimping

Anonymous said...

Haha good stuff!

Expat Rock Star said...

That’s cool you post pictures of what you wear out, great idea

And the last gal is smoking! Good on you son